Why Not Try An Infinity-Day Window?

by Thomas Brady


Matt Drance on Warner Bros. idiotic new 56-day DVD rental window:

Also under this new deal, pirated movies remain free of charge, free of non-skippable ads, free of five-minute load times, and are now nearly three months ahead of the competition.


iTunes changed the music industry because it was more convenient than stealing. Most people made the value judgment that ten bucks for a clean, legal digital album was worth the alternative of fishing around for files that may or may not be damaged or infected.

It’s really — honestly — surprising that Hollywood doesn’t understand such a simple concept. Even stranger is that they can look to the music industry as an example and learn from the mistakes there, but they refuse.

Hollywood isn’t going to die anytime soon — but it won’t be from lack of trying. The pain is coming. In a big way.