Apple Announces iPad Pro

by Thomas Brady in

Something struck me, looking at the photos of the new 12" Macbook today: maybe this is the origin of the iPad Pro rumor. I could definitely forgive someone for seeing this device and thinking it was an iPad:

First off, there are the color options. These are now standard issue iDevice colors: Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. Second, there's one port—one very Lightning-esque port—on the thing. Even the power supply that comes with it looks more like an iPad charger than a Macbook charger (yes, fair enough, the current 45W and up charges already looked pretty similar to the iPad charger, with the major difference that one had an integrated cable):

 The 29W Macbook charger (Note: lack of wires coming out of it)

The 29W Macbook charger (Note: lack of wires coming out of it)

Not to mention, the logic board might be even smaller than the one in the iPad Air:

I don't think any of this is an accident, and I don't think it's just evidence of a strong visual language. Look at how Apple presents the purchase path for the new Macbook, different, mind you, from the purchase path for the also-newly-announced 13" Retina Macbook Pro:

Why, that looks precisely like the purchase path when buying an iPad (or iPhone)! Apple is definitely blurring the lines between iPad and Macbook here, and I think it's with the utmost intention. The only thing left is to run iOS, rather than OS X, on this thing, and then it IS an iPad (yeah, yeah, touch-screen, sensors, LTE modem). They've certainly made it easy for themselves. This machine, with this design, would make just as much sense running iOS on an ARM processor. They could swap in new models with those specs next March, and, while the roar of nerd confusion might be heard from space, the general press would barely notice a difference.