by Thomas Brady

Flourishes like this fill me with love for Apple’s design ethic. It also redoubles my contempt for all those other companies who fill my hours of software testing with head-shaking Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moments.

(I’m shooting a withering glance in your direction, Mr. or Ms. “Just because it’s a certified ‘With Google’ tablet and it’s running our own web browser on our own operating system and it’s accessing one of our own webapps, why should we bother making sure that Google Reader opens with a tablet-appropriate user interface? It’s just so much easier for us if we give the user a messed-up phone view instead.”)

(No, don’t tell me you’re sorry. Tell me you’re going to fix it.)

— I couldn’t  help it. Another quote from the Andy Ihnatko iPad 2 review.