by Thomas Brady


  1. Except as provided in Subsection (B) and Section 12-3-8 (Parking Exemptions), a person parking a vehicle in a paid parking space or paid parking zone shall immediately pay the parking fee for due.
  2. This section does not apply to a person:
    1. parking a vehicle defined under Chapter 541, Texas Transportation Code, as a motorcycle or moped

I have read dozens of articles online stating that motorcyclists and mopedists and scooterists can park free in downtown Austin at the city pay stations as of 2009. I could not for the life of me find any official evidence of this ruling by Austin City Council. What’s worse, I asked a uniformed policeman downtown just last week if it was true. I was told, “Absolutely not.”

I finally wrote City Council and asked for evidence. Who knew that you’d have to go to American Legal Publishing Service to find local rules and regulations.

So there, Mr. Policeman. I wonder how many (if any) people have been wrongfully ticketed…