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The Who - (The Making of) “Pictures of Lily” (Bouton Rouge [Fr. TV]; April ‘67)

God, I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this. Especially when it’s about one of my favorite bands recording one of my favorite songs.

Deets via Devotional’s GUIDE to the making of “The Who Sell Out”:

Wednesday, 5 April:

Recording/mixing IBC/Pye: “Pictures Of Lily” and John’s “Doctor, Doctor”. The “Lily” session at Pye No. 2, with Kit Lambert and engineer Alan McKenzie, was filmed by French ORTF television for the programme Bouton Rouge, screened Sunday, 21 May. The group was seen discussing and practicing their harmonies with Pete on piano, while Roger was taped recording his vocal track. Footage also included the recording of overdubs onto the basic track, along with a playback of an early mono mix.