We live in the future

We live in the future. This comic got me started thinking that way yesterday.

1990 vs. 2010

I remembered, then, my success a couple nights ago in finding an MP3 of the read-along tape for this book (Superman: From Krypton to Metropolis):

I’ve had that book since childhood. They don’t make children’s books like this these days (when did I get so old I started saying stuff like that?). The artwork is fantastic.

I flipped through it with my son a few nights ago, and remembered again how much I loved reading this book as a kid. I continued to read along with the “turn the page at the sound of the [whatever it was]” tape for years. On a lark I searched for an MP3 of that tape. From the moment I decided to search to the moment I heard “SOO-PER-MAAAAAN” was about 2 minutes. Crazy.

My wife just texted me and asked for a friend’s address. I have never known their address. I’ve been to their house a handful of times, each time following directions on a party invitation, but my wife got a reply not 45 seconds later with their address because I was able to find an Evite from two years ago by searching my GMail account for “[Family name] address.”

It was crazy enough to me that I basically attended a Stanford computer science course, but this morning I attended a lecture by Richard Feynman.

What a world.

Jonathan, you’re right. It is going to be the future soon.

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