Easily the geekiest thing I've ever done

About a year ago I made the switch from visiting portal sites like Engadget or Gizmodo in my free time to setting up a Google Reader account to poll the sources they hit for news. I seeded and pruned that account for a while, and now I have a pretty nice little bundle of articles a few times a day, from the likes of Adam Lisagor, Stephen Fry and Merlin Mann to John Gruber, Jeffrey Zeldman and Jean-Louis Gassée. It’s funny how circular these blogs can be when you find the right ones. I think half the people whose blogs I read daily are all relatively close friends, and are almost certainly acquaintances at the very least.

One name that popped up a lot was Neven Mrgan. I’m now reading a few of his blogs (from articles on video game design to cooking to LOST geekery), and I was really excited to see him get The Incident from concept to consumer good. I was even happier to find it was a super fun game. In short: something odd is happening that is causing random objects to fall from the sky and collect on the ground. It’s like you’re stuck in Tetris, trying not to be crushed, and wondering why the objects aren’t disappearing when they form a tetris.

I noticed right away on the opening screen what I thought were a couple of LOST references. I blogged about it. Having read enough of Neven’s blog to know I was probably right, I emailed him to see if I could get a total for how many such references there might be. He responded “Keep hunting for them! I of course have no idea how many Lost references or any other references there are :) If you see any text or anything that looks out of the ordinary, look it up!”

Well, nothing sucks me in like a hunt. It’s part of the reason LOST had my number. I like digging for clues and wikipedia-induced eye-strain.

Well, out came this: Incide Jokes - Hidden references and jokes from The Incident for iOS. Yep, a photo blog of video game sprites, with numerous wikipedia links.

Pie GuyThis is one of the objects that falls from the sky. It’s an arcade cabinet that appears to be running an HTML 5 iPhone game (similar to Pacman) that Neven made a while back called Pie Guy. I read about it on his blog, and took it for a spin on my iPhone. I immediately recognized it in the game - though it was in disguise.

This one’s probably the most interesting. Click for the story.

Per Aspera

That blog has three times the followers of this blog. Heh. Figures.

"But I don’t mean to make this a story about Steve Jobs vs. Microsoft. It’s really just a story about intelligence vs. stupidity."