"But I don’t mean to make this a story about Steve Jobs vs. Microsoft. It’s really just a story about intelligence vs. stupidity."

Ken Segall has a sharp wit and a warm, friendly writing voice at the same time. I don’t know how he does it.1 Here he tears Microsoft to shreds with an editorial on the strangest thing I think they’ve done in years. Microsoft, who has NO mobile offerings currently on the market, staged a mock funeral for the iPhone and Blackberry last week, as they’re that sure that the as-of-yet unreleased Windows Phone 7 is going to be their death-nell. Cocky? Yes. Incredibly stupid? Even yeser.

Ken puts it this way,

When the world is watching, and you’re playing catch-up with the big boys, you simply don’t go out and embarrass yourself. When you get all dressed up, you think twice about putting on the clown nose.

1. He’s the same way in person. I got to work with him, briefly, a couple years ago. I’ll keep out of court and long stories putting it this way: two companies had a strange relationship. I thought I had been hired by one. It turned out the other thought that we all worked for them. A line was drawn in the sand, and we were each asked to decide which company we wanted to work for - yes, VERY awkward indeed. Ken was asked by the latter company to make a pitch to us. At the time, I thought he was ludicrous, because his pitch was terrible and he seemed so pleased with it. In hindsight, I realize that he was being 100% honest, and cracking up at the opportunity to be so honest about such an awful proposition in such an awkward presentation. I think he found the ridiculous situation to be deliciously entertaining, in part, because he already had an exit strategy.

Irony is...

Easily the geekiest thing I've ever done