What's going on at Engadget?

So, just last week I pointed out an oddity I saw at Engadget: they think WebOS is as polished and user-friendly as iOS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I’m not right. They do, however, point out some pretty grievous UI flaws before they make the strange statement “Despite some issues, webOS 2.0 is probably neck and neck with iOS4 when it comes to polish and ease of use”.

And now today Daring Fireball links to three reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, setting up a two-against-one “The tab sucks” - “Nuh, uh, it’s great!” scenario. The first link, to TechRadar, includes this quote:

So let’s get this out of the way right off the bat — the Galaxy Tab is not as slick as we were hoping it would be. In fact, it’s not slick at all.

Despite the 1Ghz processor, there are some significant performance issues here and in many cases they hamper the usability and performance of the Tab to treacherous levels.

The problems are most evident when browsing the web. Scrolling down your average website is quite juddery. The smoothness of the iPad is nowhere to be seen, and our fingers had often swiped and left the screen before the device responded and began to scroll.

He points to Matt Gemmell’s tweetport on the Tab:

juddery scrolling/pinch, runs hot after an hour, ~4 hours battery life, over-sensitive accelerometer you can’t disable

Finally, here’s Engadget weighing in:

The browsing experience on the Tab is rock solid — pages loaded quickly over WiFi and scrolling / zooming was snappy. […]

Perhaps the best part about the Tab is that you don’t have to worry about the sluggish performance we’ve seen on other Android and Windows tablets. The entire experience is very snappy, and it kept up with us even when we had four or five applications open.[…]

So, how about that battery life? It’s pretty good. After periodically surfing the web and reading on the Tab for about a day and a half with just 3G on, the battery is at about 20 percent.

What gives, Engadget?