Wool and Copper

I was working from a coffee shop yesterday, watching the clientele molt the day crowd—startup teams, stay-at-home parents getting out with the kids for a bit, local consultants meeting with clients, interest groups—to replace it with the early evening crowd—first-dates, book clubs and various social groups from more to less formal. A group of ladies was gathering at a table right behind me as I finished my work, discussing their senior citizens group's agenda for the meeting. As they settled in with their drinks, they broke into chit-chat, discussing their phones. They nearly all had the same phone, though they admitted having had their heads turned by other models with bigger screens. Their reasons for sticking with their chosen phones mirror those I read regularly on the blogs and Twitter feeds I follow.

They shared recent app discoveries; teased each other about their choice of mapping apps. They argued about whether their voice-dictation apps worked reliably, exactly as I have with co-workers. Of course, they made Siri jokes.

They were all 7 of them carrying iPhones. This, on the 7th anniversary of its announcement.

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