GigaOM sends me down memory lane

GigaOM seems to have gotten people hot and bothered with the heavy-handed prediction from Whitey Bluestein (no de plume?) that Apple will become its own mobile carrier in the near future. There’s not much of interest at that link, just an industry analyst—and you know they’re never wrong—trying to pin down one of the most unpredictable companies on the planet. Is he wrong? Who knows?

As I was reading through the article, it sparked some distant, but intense memory of having read something similar, even before the iPhone was announced. I searched and searched, to no avail.

And then I remembered. It was me!

I used to write for, the tech blog, years ago, and the article I was recalling was, “What if: The Apple iPhone,” by yours truly, published on December 23rd, 2002. The iPhone, you may recall, was announced January 9th, 2007.

My article predicted that MacWorld San Fracisco 2003 (just a few weeks away) would see the announcement of the iPhone. In case you weren’t up on your tech blogs back then, I wasn’t setting anything on fire with such a prediction.

One thing that did set mine apart was the prediction that the phone would not be sold for use with existing carriers, but would be sold with a .Mac (remember that?) wireless account, which I assumed would be rebranded AT&T or Sprint service, which was an even more common practice at the time than it is now. The other thing that set mine apart was the terrible mockup that I included:

My apologies.

It’s really funny reading through this article. I was so young. In so many ways. The funniest detail to me is the way in which I spend 90% of the article convincing you of the evidence in favor of my prediction, only to spend a small final paragraph explaining that realistically none of this will happen because Apple wouldn’t have wanted to muck up its relationship with Sony/Ericsson.


So, so young.

Familiar is not a design