What does this mean, Mr. President?

It must be incredible complicated to be president.

So, we now know that Mr. Obama’s opinion of gay marriage, but what does that mean?

Democracy is pretty complicated sometimes. Just because the president prefers something may or may not have any impact on his policies. I think it’s great he finally stopped side-stepping the question, but I think everyone—regardless of their particular side of the issue—wants to know what he’s going to do about it.

Well, either way, there’s a line in the sand now. This is going to be one hell of an election year. Will this mobilize the right? 30 of 50 states, apparently, are anti-gay-marriage (by some, certainly questionable, poll). Will this mobilize a quiet left has greater numbers than we knew? Either way, I worry this is going to be an ugly election season.

Friends, let’s keep it civil, shall we? We may have wildly differing opinions, but very, very few of us are trying to be jerks. A lot of us are just very scared. And many of us don’t even know exactly what it is that we fear. So let’s try to be understanding. Passionate, ready to act, convicted of our beliefs, but understanding.

UPDATE: Ah, well, in part, this is what it means (from The New York Times, via Daring Fireball):

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York said, “No American president has ever supported a major expansion of civil rights that has not ultimately been adopted by the American people, and I have no doubt that this will be no exception.”