You guys, the “New iPad” (3) is pretty amazing. This feels like the fastest computer I’ve ever owned. Things happen IMMEDIATELY.

THAT guy. You know the one: quotes Jim Carrey movies a full year after they’ve been released to video. In this case, me, who just got an iPad 3.

It really is different. I’ve had it a few hours, and I already notice that my iPhone 4S has noticeable lag. I’m not complaining by any means, but it is amazing what you can quickly begin to expect from your electronics.

I see my finger hesitating over where I know a button will appear in a moment or two, having been trained by several generations of iOS devices, while simultaneously noticing that the New iPad is actually waiting for me.

Then after I’ve used it for a bit, I pick up my iPhone 4S and find myself tapping too quickly and having to stop and wait for the phone to catch up.