Thanks a lot, Inception...

Recurring dream I had on the morning of New Year’s Day:

It’s the second-to-last day of finals, and I’m worried that I’m forgetting to study for something. I’m checking my test schedule, and seeing which finals are on which days when I discover there’s a final for an art class the next day. An art class I registered for, and promptly forgot about and never attended. Heartburn.

I awake. I tell my wife about my dream, and she replies, “I thought you were┬átaking an art class this semester. Let’s check.” We dig around and find my registration paperwork, and I am, indeed, registered for an art class that I have never attended.

I awake. Again. The “I forgot about this class” part is recurring, and has been since college. The dream-within-a-dream part is a new and unwelcome twist.

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