What the HELL, insurance companies?

No, I’m not going to discuss health care legislation. No, it’s actually _not_ called “Obamacare.” wait, we’re not going to talk about that…

My family sees three doctors that have chosen to eliminate the headache of dealing with insurance companies from their lives. Their amazing doctors, and so we keep seeing them, despite them having rolled this “package” of pain downhill to us.

This means for the past few years, and past few providers, I’ve been submitting claims to insurance companies myself. Regularly.

All of them have labyrinthine web sites, filled with links that fail to keep the promise of what they say lay behind them, not to mention broken links, and pages an forms with names not even a librarian could love.

I can’t tell you how many forms I’ve filled out, only to find no instruction on where to send it, what to include, what response to expect, or, tragically, choosing the right form in the first place. Fine print that says “This form is for care administered outside the US only” or “this form cannot be used for mental health claims” really has no business being near the bottom of the page nor in FINE PRINT.

Banks took their time, but even my local credit union will now let me scan and deposit a check on my phone.

Insurance companies: it’s 2012. If I can’t submit a claim easily and quickly from a camera-equipped mobile device by the time I buy my first flying car, I’m moving to Canada. I hear the mounties actually fill those forms out _for_ you, in the odd case you actually have to fill out a claim form.

If you need UX design or developer help, Blue Shield of California, I know some people.