I almost hate to encourage people to watch this video, but it’s not like my link is going to have any impact. Also, I don’t really care that much.

But it’s pretty pathetic. If you have the capacity to really have this discussion, here’s how I’d like it to go: we’re not arguing iPad v. XOOM. I’m talking about this commercial.

It’s rubbish.

Apple’s 1984 ad, referenced therein:

That advertisement aired once (technically twice) in its original form - during the Super Bowl of 1984, but has been seen millions of times since, due in part to its inclusion in any compilation of critically acclaimed advertisements. In 2007 it was named the best ad in the history of Super Bowl advertisements.

I’m guessing the bit included here is just a teaser, but if it’s any indication of what we’ll see this Sunday, Motorola is bound for¬†embarrassment. If you’re going to evoke something like Apple’s 1984 ad, you’d better have something even better with which to deliver your message. This clip, however,

  1. Flashes a bunch of geek-speak that amounts to nothing. Processor speed? Who cares? I care, but I’m not going to be watching the Super Bowl. I don’t think most people who will be watching know what a gigahertz is.
  2. Includes a horribly rendered Apple earbud. Nit-picky? Sure. But, as I said, if you’re referencing “the best Super Bowl ad of all time,” you’d better bring your A game.
  3. Doesn’t have a message. “Freedom” is the message. Freedom from Apple’s “one design, one way to work,” etc. So now there are two¬†designs? Huzzah.

I just can’t wait to hear what Ken Segall has to say about this.

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