[Nokia’s] Symbian buyout was an acknowledgement that making truly great next-generation mobile products would be impossible without control over both hardware and software

Matt Drance on Nokia, via Daring Fireball. I post this narcissistically, to support the point that I made myself (that you need control of hardware and software to ensure an excellent user experience) a couple days ago. But this article gets far more interesting than any of my drivel: 

So in the span of one year, we have Microsoft failing to acquire Nokia, “losing” a top executive, and now having one of the most recognizable mobile hardware vendors in the world under its thumb….. I have absolutely no qualms about calling this new regime at Nokia a puppet government. This is far and away the most brilliant move of Ballmer’s tenure. Whether it pays off is another question entirely.

[UPDATE: Former Microsoft exec Chris Weber has just been named President of Nokia Inc. (US). This is a coup, folks.]

Emphasis added by yours truly at the end there.