Bad Move, AT&T

As you’ve probably heard elsewhere - perhaps from the horse’s mouth, AT&T has begun contacting subscribers whom the company believes have been tethering their mobile phones without a tethering plan, telling them

  1. “Our records show” that you’ve been tethering
  2. “…If we don’t hear from you, we’ll plan to automatically enroll you into DataPro 4GB after March 27, 2011”

Now I’m not a lawyer, but this is a change in your service agreement, and, as such, an opportunity for you to cancel your agreement without paying a termination fee. So all of you AT&T iPhone users that are sick of dropped calls and are just counting the days until your contract ends so that you can switch to Verizon, listen up. Jailbreak your phone and tether on March 28th. Problem solved.

Thanks to Ars Technica for giving the full coverage that only a few sites seem to bother with these days. Their article is the only one I’ve read so far that delved into how AT&T might be detecting subscriber tethering.

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