3. Adobe
It almost seems a memory now, those heady days of the spring of 2010 we spent arguing over Flash. Do the sands of time cloud the Macalope’s eyes or did Adobe’s John Dowdell really suggest Apple was unethical for banning Flash from iOS? Did Lee Brimelow really try to lay claim to the high ground right before saying “Go screw yourself Apple”?

They sure did.

Later in the year, Dowdell followed up by suggesting that anyone who was having problems with Flash on Android was probably not running legitimate copies of the software and complained that people shouldn’t be so quick to write about mobile Flash problems. Well, to be fair to us, there are so many mobile Flash problems you have to write about them quickly in order to keep up.

Dowdell and Brimelow were doing such a bang-up job of PR that Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch decided to help out by seemingly trying to make it into a First Amendment issue. Yeah, that’ll work.

Meanwhile, Adobe is still struggling to ship an Android version of Flash that doesn’t give you the terrific user experience that only stuttering video and smooth battery drainage can bring. But one thing’s for sure: the only reason Flash isn’t on iOS is because Steve Jobs is a control freak.

The Macalope. (Who I’m really starting to think is John Gruber, having previously thought that too obvious an answer)

I drank that Kool-Aid. I can admit it. In 2009 I was hearing what were purported to be “inside tips” that colleagues had seen Flash running on an iPhone with their own eyes, and that it was great. And that Steve Jobs was the only thing standing in the way.

What a crock.

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