If your colleague remains adamant about pixel-perfect design, you’re working with the wrong designer. Relationships only work when respect flows both ways. If your partner will not listen, you need a new partner. If this is a freelance gig, find [a new] one. If it’s a job, and you simply can’t get through to your new colleague, involve your boss. Be firm but not threatening. You’re not trying to get your colleague fired, you’re simply trying to resolve a dispute in which only one of you has expertise. If you’re afraid to involve your boss, you’re in the wrong job, and your non-web-savvy colleague is merely a symptom of a larger organizational problem. Get out! You can do better.

 - Jeffrey Zeldman.

That might seem harsh, but I absolutely agree with him. If you’re in a situation like this - and this isn’t just for designer/developer relationships, but any work relationship - it can be hard, especially if you’re young or doubtful of your skills, but you are not doing yourself or your abusive co-worker any favors by sticking around. There are other jobs out there, and your current situation isn’t going to get any better if you can’t resolve disputes like this.

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