The Right Tool for The Job -or- MarsEdit is pretty cool

I have learned this lesson the hard way so many times, and for whatever reason I think I’m doomed to keep learning it in every new context I can for the rest of my life. The right tool really does make the job easier, or at least more reasonable.

I mismanage five different blogs, I’ve just realized. At any given time I’m probably only really contributing to at most two of them. Two of them are hosted at Wordpress and three at Tumblr. The mere facts that each one requires a separate login, and at two different web sites (with two different editors) make managing all of them a headache, an inconvenience, and an unlikely thing for me to remember to do or to be motivated to do. I hope this sounds more like identifying a problem than whining. That’s how it’s intended.

I kept hearing about this MarsEdit thing, and how it was better than sliced bread. I’m typing this post up with it, and I’m concurrently logged into all 5 of my blogs while typing. It’s amazing. This is how blogging should work. You can edit in either an HTML view, for nerds like me, or a Rich Text view, for people who are more at home in a word processor. You can see a live preview of what you’re typing, you can write on- or offline, you can write in markdown (which I still want to learn), you can make use of tons of templates for links, blockquotes, etc., and tons more stuff I haven’t discovered, yet.

It’s well worth $40 if you blog much. I sure hope there’s an iPad version soon.

I’m not (yet) receiving anything for this post. I have not (yet) been contacted by the maker of MarsEdit. This is still an ad-free site. I would not be averse to a free copy of this excellent tool. : D

You can check out MarsEdit at

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