So about a month ago my friend DW wrote me with a funny idea. what if he, his brother (and another close friend of mine) Stephen and I entered into a three-way New Year’s Resolution challenge (even if it’s a bit late this year). Each of us would come up with the resolution for another. I decided Stephen needed to join a couple team-sports this year in order to get some regular exercise and meet people. Stephen decided DW would start a novel food blog (linked earlier today). DW, that son-of-a… really nice English teacher named Deborah, actually, decided that I would write and record two original songs a month for the rest of the year.

Songwriting is something I’d love to be good at. I’ve written a few. Some of them I don’t ┬áhate. Some of them I’m almost proud of. But they’ve mostly been laborious to write. This will hopefully teach me a lot about discipline, creativity and who knows what else.

Here’s my first entry. I had a couple ideas sketched out, one of which was a father-imparts-wisdom-to-his-son scenario, which I was leaning toward writing as a lullaby. I’ve long wondered if I had an electronica/chip-tune/Postal Service/CSS/Hot Chip/ish kind of thing in me, so I attempted to write some music of that flavor. Once I had some stuff down, I realized it sounded like a Metroid level. So I re-jiggered the song to be the sort of father-sends-son-on-mission thing you might find at the beginning of a video game. There are a couple Metroid samples in there, and the outro comes from the beginning of Metroid.

I’m not at all happy with the vocal recordings, but I ran out of time. I’m not super enthusiastic about the lyrics, either, but they were written quickly. What was I saying about learning about discipline? Did I mention procrastination? I wrote and recorded this in two sessions on the last two days of the month in which it was due (Friday and Saturday of last week).

I recorded all the parts - on-screen drum and keyboard, real guitar and vocals - on my iPad, and did some mixing after importing into Garageband on my MacBook Pro.