Christian Artist Comes Out

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Knapp’s since her first album, though not a big enough fan to even realize she had taken a 7-year hiatus. She’s returning to her career now, and has kicked off this return with the announcement that the rumors (of which I was also unaware) are true: she’s gay.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the church. This is a conversation that has had so many false-starts, so many preemptive strikes, and so many failures of all kinds.

Jennifer is not telling the church (in all its parts) that it needs to change its dogma. She’s not even engaging in the “is this right or wrong according to scripture” arguments. She’s simply saying - I’m paraphrasing - “We believe that we all sin daily, that our salvation is entirely dependent on Jesus’ substitutive sacrifice, and that we are all in the process of being healed.”

The church, I believe, should respond likewise, saying “We will not judge you. We will love you, as we believe we are to love everyone - unconditionally.”

I really hope that Christians - and other Christian artists - will rally, no matter their personal beliefs on the topic. 

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