HTML5 8/16-bit Game Framework

Wow. I’ve been researching just this kind of thing for a few weeks and finding nothing. Then Chairman Gruber does it again. How does he find this stuff?

This is a pretty snazzy game engine in HTML5. It works on my iPhone. That’s ridiculous.

I have been avoiding the doom-and-gloom “Watch your back, Flash” kind of stuff for as long as I could, but if more frameworks like this crop up, Flash will be irrelevant sooner than I thought.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not of the opinion that Flash’s days are numbered at the moment. I know there are features that Flash has that HTML5 doesn’t (yet). And I know that there are things Flash does that HTML5 and its IDEs don’t ever plan to do (mainly I’m talking about using Flash as a timeline animation authoring tool).

And this game engine is not going to do what the vast majority of the market wants to do with Flash.

Still. I used to think it would be 5 years or so. Now I’m thinking 2 or 3… 

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