What, no Chrometab?

So several people on the ‘net are wondering why there was no tablet to accompany the Chromebook announcement today. I think there are a few obvious reasons:

  • There’s that whole Android platform that’s supposed to already be an answer to the tablet problem. Why would one vendor want to offer two OSs for tablets in an already competitive market?
  • There’s the rumored beef between the Chrome OS team and the Android team. I think that move would bring the bickering to blows.
  • They’re trying really hard to position ChromeOS as a workhorse OS. A productivity OS. A do-your-job-with-this-all-day OS. The iPad is having unreasonable trouble establishing its reputation as a productivity tool, and Android tablets are havinga bit of trouble proving any value at all. I don’t think the Chrome OS team wants to be associated with tablets, just yet.

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