Goodbye, Gizmodo

Are they journalists? No. I used to kind of think they were. They’re tabloid hacks.

I’ve had the “Engadget v. Gizmodo” conversation with several friends. I never had a strong preference. Engadget is often too cutesy and self-celebrating. Gizmodo doesn’t seem to have editors. 6 of one, .5*12 of the other…

But they were both contacted by whoever stole that iPhone 4G, if sources can be trusted, and Engadget had the good sense and/or taste to say, “No, we don’t want to buy your stolen prototype.” Gizmodo not only immediately ponied up the money, flaunted their gadget, lied about details as to timing of aquisition and attempts at returning the prototype* and even outed the original owner by name. Very disappointing.

I will say this: there’s the way outside chance that the reason they outed the owner of the prototype was that they hoped publicity would protect him - that Apple would have a harder time punishing him with all eyes on them.

Either way, I’m done. Deleted from bookmarks and Google Reader. I rarely visited in the last several months anyway (also true of Engadget).

* The “Gizmodo” section of this article perfectly sums up why I feel comfortable accusing Gizmodo of lying.

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