It must be easy to write for The Office

It must be easy to write for NBC’s The Office. You just need some friends with desk jobs. Case in point, here’s me and my boss just 5 minutes ago:

THOMAS: So, did you see the self-evaluation I filled out?
BOSS: Uh huh.
THOMAS: There was some stuff in there I thought you might want to talk about. At least, I definitely would like to talk about it.
BOSS: Uh huh. Um. Sure.
THOMAS: When would be a good time?
BOSS: How about tomorrow?
THOMAS: Okay. [Checks phone] I’m free any time but around lunch. I have a lunch thing at 11:30.
BOSS: [Nods. Clicks mouse]
BOSS: [still looking at computer] Uh huh. Mm-hmm.
[More clicking]
BOSS: How about 11:30?
THOMAS: Sure, that works.

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