This is a pretty incredible UI idea.

If you’re not familiar, The GIMP (GNU(Gnu’s Not Unix) Image Manipulation Program) is an open source Photoshop work-alike that was created on/for Unix/Linux and has been ported to just about every platform known to man. The trouble it faces, as many such projects do, is a cumbersome UI.

This project replaces the normal UI “toolkit” found in almost any image manipulation app, and replaces it with what I can only refer to as task-driven instructions and shortcuts. The shortcuts give you the icons that would normally have been found in the toolkit area, but only the ones you would need for the specific task you’re doing. The instructions tell you how to use it. Just watch the video.

Obviously power-users wouldn’t need this the vast majority of the time, but what an ingenius way to train users on your app!

But the even more interesting detail is that users create the tasks that inform this toolbar, using a Wiki to house the list of tasks.