What can we expect from Flash on phones?

This is a tad juvenile, but it’s fun. Hey, if Chairman Gruber can quote it…

Then, he pulled up the same thing on his Nexus One. The site’s progress bar filled in and the 3D world appeared for a few seconds before the browser crashed. Ryan said (paraphrasing), “Whoops! Well, it’s beta, and this is an intense example — let’s try it again.” He tried it again and got the same result. So he said to the audience, “Well, this one isn’t going to work, but does anyone have a Flash site they’d like to see running?” Someone shouted out “Hulu.” Ryan said, “Hulu doesn’t work,” and then wrapped up his demo, telling people if they wanted to try more sites they could find him later and he’d let them play with his Nexus One.

That’s from Jeff Croft, describing a demo given at a conference in Seattle.

Having just read this, when a co-worker bragged that his Nokia can do “full Flash right now,” a comparison he saw as favorable to his Nokia rather than my iPhone, I replied with a cool “Full Flash, huh?” He smiled, proudly.

“Let’s see Hulu, then.”

The last laugh was on me, sort of. While it did technically work in the end, it was unusable by anyone’s standards. Which is exactly why Flash on phones is kind of pointless. But there are so many people - my co-worker included - who refuse to see that. The fact that he could, technically watch a Hulu video on his phone is all he sees, not that trying to actually do so would cause him to soil his pants.


Poor guy. It’s becoming an issue.

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