Google Co-founder Larry Page Blames Poor Android Battery Life on User Habits and Third-party Developers

According to Andrew Kameka of Androinica (Google cache)- a site I only heard about via Daring Fireball - Larry Page addressed battery-life woes at a Google Zeitgeist forum, blaming user habits and third party apps. He explained “When there is software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly.”

Interesting. Maybe that’s why Apple is only now rolling out such a thing on its mobile platform (technically by “now” I mean next month). You know, instead of just kicking it out the door as soon as it’s “ready,” and then blaming users and developers for it sucking batteries dry before lunch.

Multi-tasking has been every Apple-bad-mouther’s favorite go-to for some time now (joined by “Hey, look! Flash!”).

I hadn’t noticed until today that Multi-tasking The Android Way makes no mention of battery life.

Apple might be uptight and do things like reject your app because it could be found offensive by someone. At least, though, they don’t publicly throw you under the bus for their APIs failing to guard resources.

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