Apple's HTML 5 Showcase v. Ethics

Whoa. I guess brazen f-bomb dropping is the new black? A lot of people had a lot of reactions to Apple’s HTML 5 Showcase, but Christopher Blizzard’s reads like a Tarrantino monologue. He does have some greats points. As many noted, the page sniffs for Safari, meaning your perfectly capable Chrome or FireFox browser is locked out of the show. Lame. What’s worse: this is the very same page that’s says “Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web.” First of all, any self-respecting Web developer knows you don’t sniff for browser IDs, you test for capabilities. Second, if you’re preaching openness and interoperability… Pretty lame move, Apple. People have argued that this is meant to showcase the product - Safari - not the standards themselves. I think this is true, and that’s why I’m perfectly okay with the fact that they included some Safari-only CSS animations, some of which only work in Safari yet anyway. That’s what vendor prefixes are for (kinda). But if you wanted a Safari Showcase, you should have named it so, Apple, and your openness rhetoric should have gotten it’s own page. Better yet, let Chrome and FireFox and whoever else play, and fail gracefully. THAT is the web.

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