Mule Design Studio’s Blog: Designer, at Your Mercy

Everyone please read and take to heart Mule Design Studio’s Blog: Designer, at Your Mercy

A couple awesome quotes:

If you are, in fact, running complex projects as described above. If you do, in fact, have any hand in running things at all, the schedule should actually be at your mercy. A good project plan assumes that at the stroke of 6 pm all “resources” turn back into “people” like Cinderella’s coachmen into mice. And clients and designers should work in partnership. The hostage mentality does no one any good. Good fences make good neighbors, and good boundaries based in mutual respect make for high-quality work. We have a few rules here at Mule. I’ll divulge.
  • Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9–6. We start booting people at 6.
  • We do not answer the phone or e-mail outside of those times, unless we are working with people in other time zones.
  • We do not hand out our cell phone numbers.
  • On the weekend, we cease to exist.

(Via Austin Kleon)