600,000 iPhones pre-ordered yesterday

Holy crap is Apple on a roll. This surprises me a bit. This kind of consumer reaction indicates either far more tech savvy on the part of consumers than I would have guess, or far more brand loyalty than I thought was possible. 

iPhone 4 is pretty impressive. But the only feature that stands out to me as something Joe Credit Card would want so badly that he would go wait in line to pre-order an iPhone would be Facetime. Don’t get me wrong; an iPhone with an A4 processor and Retina Display is mind-blowing to me. My mom, probably, couldn’t care less. Although my mom is pretty geeky.

We’re getting one at the house. My wife’s Blackberry is on death’s door. She very graciously offered to trade with me so that I could use her upgrade eligibility to get an iPhone 4. I married well. : D

I tried to pre-order all day long online with no luck. I rode over to the store at 5:15 to fine a 30 minute wait, and clerks with paper and clipboards. Their computers had been down most of the day. Now I know why.