Thoughts on Adobe

Not so long ago, about a year and a half maybe, I came to the realization that I had been making a living for several years doing almost nothing but implementing Adobe solutions for customers - in Flash and Flex. I started to look at Adobe as some conglomerate of big brother, boss, guru, and almost tribe. 

I got excited about what they were up to. At the time, they looked poised to rule the world. AIR seemed to be a promising cross-platform development platform. Like Java, but with UIs that didn’t have to suck. They were already doing multi-touch in Flash and AIR. The promise of mobile Flash was out there. I kept hearing people I trusted - who had serious connections - say they’d seen real mobile Flash working on iPhones deep within Adobe labs.

The past year has been rough on that idealist dream. Especially on the mobile Flash front. I can’t call “real mobile Flash” anything but vaporware at this point. I have seen and heard dozens of promises. I even bought into the “we have it working, but Apple won’t let us distribute” reports.

Adobe promised in October of last year to have Flash on practically all mobile phones by the end of this year (or soon thereafter). Obviously, it’s only June, but some progress would be nice. Some actual announcements and ownership on the part of Adobe would be nice. They keep saying “We can do it,” but we don’t see much evidence. I know there are some Flash Players out there for Nokia and Android phones, but I don’t hear any cries of “This is a real, usable Flash platform now!”

And now Palm is reporting that they haven’t heard any progress at all on Adobe porting Flash to WebOS. As in, as far as they know Adobe hasn’t even started.

I still do, and will likely continue at least for a while to, make my living implementing Flash and Flex solutions. I would love for my work to extend to the mobile market. Right now the more viable way to do that is HTML5 and native platforms (Android SDK, iOS SDK, etc.).

Thanks to MacGruber for the link to the Electronista article.

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