Samsung releases code of WebCL implementation for WebKit

Oh my. Watch this:

With advancements like this, the walls between “native” applications and “web” applications just keep eroding.

Right now there’s a lot of excitement around cross-compilers: things that take an application originally written for one platform (say, a desktop operating system) and let you “port” them to another platform (say, iOS or the Web). Simultaneously, the mobile platforms (and now some of the next-generation desktop platforms) are elevating HTML to an almost native language.

Pretty soon it won’t matter. When you can render 3D like they are in that video, access the local disks as you can with modern browsers/HTML 5, the Web might just make all of that a headache of the past.

People have been predicting this for years. I have thought they were all mad. They’re starting to sound more like visionaries.