A Cooking Blog for Vegetarian Meals that Don't Suck - by My Wife!!!

I went vegetarian for Lent this year for the first time. And I haven’t gone back - mostly. I still eat meat occasionally, but my wife has only prepared meat at home a few times this year, since Lent. I didn’t think I could ever pull something like this off. It’s been easy. It’s actually been enjoyable.

Linda cooks meals that don’t FEEL vegetarian. And by that I don’t mean that she makes really convincing meat substitutes. I mean she makes hearty meals, full of protein and all the vitamins and minerals you need that satisfy and delight. I don’t miss meat at home. I have never once thought, “this would have been better with meat.”

Just so you know the score, we do BOTH still eat meat. Mostly barbecue. : D

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