Apple iPhone 4 Case Program Begins

Odd. It’s an app.

And, quite honestly, not a great one. Yes, I’ll pick nits.

I was changing the shipping address, and couldn’t remember my exact address (only been at the new job a couple weeks). I thought, “surely I can switch away from this app and back to it without losing all the address info I’ve already typed in. After all, this is an Apple application!”

Nope. When you “multitask” away from the app it shuts down completely. No multi-tasking support. I know what you’re thinking, “This was a quick solution app cranked out to support this weird one-off situation.” Yes, agreed, but if they’re going to keep telling developers how easy it is to add multi-tasking support to their apps, they’re going to have to eat their own dog food (or as our new CEO says, “Drink their own champagne”).

Also, the editable text fields don’t have the X button to clear them.

And when you’re done you have an app you have to uninstall, since it will never be useful again. I know plenty of people who don’t know how to uninstall iPhone apps.

This is just very un-Apple. Not a big deal, just kinda surprising.

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