Thanks, Merlin.


The Swell Season covers  Neutral Milk Hotel | Music | A.V. Undercover | The A.V. Club

Sweet maui onion, that motherfucker can sing.1

What an ambitious and revered song to cover, but, holy shit, does he ever hit the 3-pointer.

Sure, I’d probably listen to Glen Hansard sing the ingredients on a shampoo bottle, but this is, you have to admit, pretty great.

Bonus: The Mighty Mangum playing 2-HB solo/live in 1998.

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  1. Well. Eventually, he sings. First there’s a goddamned pre-roll beer commercial, then a spoodeley theme song, then an explanation of the “Undercover” project, then a kinda-cute interview, then I blacked out for a while, but I’m pretty sure I heard a song and saw a guy in a hat. It’s all kind of fuzzy now. My Lord, how the web breaks so hard when your chrome outshines your gold. Kind of like the delicious gold you’ll find inside every bottle of Budweiser®. Budweiser® America’s Great Liquid Error.™
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