About Bashmod

About Bashmod


Bash Modern Quantity is Thomas Q Brady… literally. The site name is an anagram for my full name. I picked those three particular words, though, because I think they’re a nice way to highlight the main themes of the blog: “bash” referring both to the command-line terminal (an homage to the technology theme) and the act of bashing something (as in derision, not violence), “modern” to capture the ideas of futurism (technology and culture themes) and the post-modern perspective (philosophy theme), and “quantity” in reference to our current obsession with quantizing our world —from “data-driven design” to the pain some experience from not getting enough likes on Instagram—and the affluenza I see all around me. (credit to CSS Tricks for inspiring the glitchy logo above)

By night…

I’m a husband and father first, and a tinker beyond that. You’ll find me chasing my children, hugging my wife, or possibly curled up with a guitar, Apple device, Peter Rollins book, indie movie or, on really fun days, a soldering iron. If I’m not at home, which, these days, frankly, is unlikely, I’m either at a coffee shop reading, seeing some live music or I’m the guy in the corner of the bar with a laptop.

By day…

I’m a software designer/developer for a name you might know.

For a look at my approach to integrating design and technology, or being a developer and working well with designers, watch this talk from Øredev 2013: 

If you’d like to see a portfolio of my work, it’s here, but you’ll need the password. You can request that using the contact link, if you like.

Once in a blue moon…

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of fun making music with some incredible people. I co-founded and played guitar, mandolin and banjo and sang with bluegrass/old time band The Rogue River String Band (I’ll gladly send you a copy of our two albums if you’re interested) for several years, before we broke up to have children and move to different cities—yes, this was so long ago that I still had hair in the photo). I played guitar and sang with Meche (remember MySpace?), an anything goes garage band, for a good part of the same time-span, until we broke up for similar reasons. I even got to collaborate with The Ugly Facade on a couple albums such as As Written by a Member of the Dying Middle Class, co-composing several tracks and playing banjo and electric guitar and singing backing vocals for gems such as Solace in Fugue (I really like what he did with the cheesy solo I did for I May Be Stupid, too—this guy is an incredible producer).

Oh, and I co-authored a book with Jesse Cravens: Building Web Applications with Ember.js (affiliate link). It’s a bit out of date at this point, but I’m pretty proud of the chapters I wrote, focusing on bringing someone up to speed with modern web development, trying to assume as little as possible about their starting point. I was really excited that my favorite analogy (the way I tried to explain data serialization) was something that people pointed out in a couple reviews/tweets.

What people are saying about Thomas Q Brady…

“You sir, win at Twitter. _Forever._” – @beep

“lmao!! Groooossss!!!” – @Genski84

“yes and pick pockets” – @gryghostvisuals

“You can never forget Hudson Hawk.” – @BrilliantCrank

“Awesome. My tattoo thanks you.” – @adamesque

“Maybe this is not the best life choice.” – John Siracusa on Accidental Tech Podcast episode 452

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